A unique 'Swiss Army Knife', with multiple uses for Improvement Specialists. See how it can be used
Watch our 3 minute introductory video. vFlow is a game changer. Find out why
Halves the effort to complete studies
  • get to benefits delivery early
  • expert has more time to spot more opportunities
  • increased quality of outputs with better accuracy
Halves the cost of diagnostic Studies
  • increasing competitivity, enabling increasing growth of market share
  • more affordable to smaller organisations, so the market expands
Eradicates manual transcription and analysis with instant reporting
  • enables rapid engagement of Clients to overcome resistance to change
  • no more late nights transcribing hand written notes to Excel
  • more time for value-adding interpretation and recommendations
With vFlow you can do:
'Day in the life of' Studies
Maximise value from key role holders - reduce low value work to maximise profit
Process analysis Studies
Improve operational efficiency to free up capacity – do more, without adding cost
Resource analysis Studies
Right-size your teams (optimise profitability) for safe, quality delivery
Diagnostic Study
Transfer capability to client for repeated continual improvement

vFlow delivers benefits in any sector

In Healthcare (>150 dispensaries) vFlow has been used to identify opportunities and free up an average of 50 hours Pharmacist time in the UK to develop and deliver new services. ROI >10:1 annually recurring
For a major Cruise-Ship Concessions company vFlow was used to identify opportunities to free up time for Sales Executives to focus their efforts on ‘value-added’ sales activity rather than administrative tasks. This resulted in $5m sales uplift. ROI >250:1 annually recurring
For a Major Leisure Company (Casinos) An internal Expert was quickly trained and was able to identify new more accurate labour models as well as opportunities for continuous improvement, improving business performance. ROI est. >25:1 year on year
For a major Student Accommodation Company vFlow was used to identify opportunities which, when implemented, reduced a £2m decorating spend to £1.4m - whilst improving quality of materials used, finish obtained and reduced unit decorating time by 60%. ROI > 100:1 annually recurring
For an IT Apprenticeship vFlow enabled a doubling of Skills Coach effectiveness, resulting in the Business’ ability to coach double the Apprentices with the same number of Skills coaches. ROI >100:1 annually recurring