Get Started

Create a Profile

Before you can do anything with vFlow, you need to create a Profile to use to capture information about Activities.

When you select the Profiles option, you will be able to select a New Profile, you just need to give it a name. You will then see it appear in your list of profiles.

You can share your profile with other users on your account, and they can share their profiles with you. These will be shown under the Account Profiles tab.

Once you have activities in your Profile you can share it using the Share button. Once shared the profile can later be Unshared, although be aware that if other people are using a profile that you unshare they will still be able to use the one that they have on their tablet, they just will not be able to update it.

To remove a profile you can click on the button. You can only remove a Profile that is not Shared. If you remove a Profile, any user that may have a copy on their device will still be able to use that, but they will not be able to update it. Any studies that exist using the Profile will remain, the Profile data is retained in the background.

The Clone option allows you to create a new Profile based on the Profile you have selected Clone on. A Cloned profile will be created in your list of Profiles.

Once you have a Profile you can use the Tablet device to capture data for that Profile, see more about that here. Once you have a Study completed, in order to upload it to the system you will need a Project to place it in.