Use the vFlow App

Set up

Before you use the vFlow App, you need to make sure that your device is connected to the internet, and that you have set up at least one Profile in your account.

Log into the tablet using your account username (email address) and password. When opening for the first time the app will download your profiles.

You can remain logged into your tablet for up to 7 days, which allows you to capture data off-line, but you will need to reconnect in order to upload data to the server.

There is the option to edit profile details on the tablet Manage Profiles. This can be useful if you want to create your profile while observing actual activity. However, due to synchronising data with other users, we recommend that you only do this before sharing the Profile.

i.e. Use this technique to define your profile and upload it. The remove the profile from your tablet and edit it/tidy it up on the website, before then sharing it for other users to download and use.

Here you can delete a profile and/or download any new profiles. If you re-download an existing profile it will update the profile currently on your tablet. Note: you can only download profiles that are yours or that have been shared on your account. If someone has stopped sharing a previously available profile then you will not be able to refresh or re-download that profile.

When you edit a profile it will only change the master on the server if a) you own the profile, and b) you upload a Study that uses the profile after the changes.

To manage the master on the server against potentially many downloaded profiles, edits only occur under certain conditions :

  • Add Activity : This activity will be added to the profile if it exists in a Study that you upload.
  • Delete Activity : This will not be removed from the master, you will need to do that on the website.
  • Rename Activity : This will add the new name to the profile on the server (if it is used in a Study that you upload) but will also leave the activity with the old name, if you want to remove this you will need to do that on the website.
  • Change order of Activity : This will not affect the master but will only be used by the tablet.

You can change the order of activities within a category by touch and holding for a second and then drag the activity. Edit Activity details by tapping the activity.

You can switch profiles by tapping the drop-down at the top of the screen.